Discerning an Confirmation Name

Discerning a Confirmation Name

In Scripture, when God offers a new mission to someone, He gives them a new name. God is calling you to fulfill a special mission—be His disciple in your every day and every way. Confirmation may be the continuation of the mission which you began at Baptism or may be the start of a new mission. Although it is traditional to take a new name at Confirmation, it is not required.

Therefore, there are two options regarding your Confirmation name:


You may want to reaffirm your baptismal name since the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation are so closely related. Confirmation seals and strengthens the work that God began in you at Baptism. It completes your Baptism. Reaffirming your baptismal name is a sign of your commitment to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. *This only applies if your baptismal name (first or middle) IS A SAINT NAME!!!


Perhaps you see Confirmation as the beginning of a new mission and a fresh beginning in your faith journey. You may want to add a new name at Confirmation. This decision indicates your awareness of how Confirmation will help you live as a disciple of Christ. The name you choose must be a Christian name—the name of a saint or one of the great men or women from the Bible who have gone before us in faith. You may also choose the Christian name of your Confirmation sponsor because this individual is an example for you of how to live the Catholic life. Spend time prayerfully reflecting about your choice.