St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and Student Center

Liturgy of the Hours

Liturgy of the Hours

Liturgy of the Hours (Only when Nicholls is in session)

Monday-Thursday, Morning Prayer, 8:30am, and Night Prayer, 9pm

Friday Morning Prayer, 8:30am

Sunday Night Prayer, 10pm

Did you know that the second highest form of prayer after the Mass is the Liturgy of the Hours? The Liturgy of the Hours flows directly from the Mass as an extension of it, so that it might perpetuate the sacrifice of the Mass. It, therefore, sanctifies our day because at certain hours of the day we stop our work and recall the paschal mysteries.

It’s just like how we know that when we step into St. Thomas, we are not entering into a building like any other on campus, but are instead entering into sacred space. It’s the same with the Hours. Just as St. Thomas sanctifies space, the Hours sanctity time. Get it?

Another awesome thing about the Liturgy of the Hours is the fact that it consists of only psalms and scripture. That means that they are the same prayers that Jesus, HIMSELF, was praying, along with Mary and Joseph, all the Apostles, everyone of that time. When you pray the Hours today, you are praying with the same words that JESUS was praying with! 

Come, pray with us throughout the day.  Take a break from your work and recall what Christ has done for you. He loves you, He died for you. Come and sing His praises, offer your spiritual gifts, and be of contrite heart before the Lord Your God!