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Families must select a godfather and godmother to assist in raising the child in the faith. Potential Godparents must meet the following Canon Law requirements:

  • Be a practicing Roman Catholic.
  • Be sixteen (16) years of age or older.
  • Must be a confirmed Catholic. A baptized non-Catholic Christian may stand as a Christian witness along with a confirmed Catholic.
  • If married, the potential godparent needs to be in a valid Sacramental marriage in the Catholic Church. This can be proved with an updated copy of the person’s Baptismal certificate (which can be obtained at the church of their Baptism); the godparents are asked to provide this document to the Parish Office.
    • A Catholic in an invalid marriage (civil marriage instead of Sacramental marriage in the Catholic Church) cannot be a godparent.
    • A cohabiting (living with someone) Catholic who is not married cannot be a godparent.

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